Alternative Finance.
eltifs/social housing

Within 'eltifs' is the accessability to invest in social housing.

In the U.K. there is a growing demand from the public on all sides of the political parties to develop a social housing structure that is core to society in the U.K. and is excluded from right to buy so that stability in peoples lives and in the working area of the local industry , remain over time.

I do believe this also follows in most E.U. countries and will benefit the long term stability and security the world economies need.

The structure of a developing social housing requirement obviously needs planning and this needs to start now.The unstable housing structure at the moment and the problem of zero hours contract in employment does not do the stability of the  E.U. economies any good at all. 

The stability of a well run social housing structure will show in the improvement in a specific area within 2 years of building and occupying.

If you are involved in implimenting anything to do with social housing please contact me at,


The sooner we can build a structure of support,professional advice and forward steps to achieve a secure, solid,social housing structure within the U.K. and other E.U. economies  the sooner our local economies will settle down and start to expand.